All orders will be shipped parcel prepaid and charges will be added to the invoice. Threads Soft Goods will charge the remaining balance on the credit card associated with the order with customers approval when the order is ready to ship.

Unless your purchase order is noted "Ship Complete" in the Order Notes during checkout, we will ship your order
as the products become available. We will always do our best to provide you with the most up-to-date and
accurate information.

Shipping Rates

Freight is calculated based on invoice total per the schedule below:

Shipping Based on Value

$0 - $500 = $50.00 shipping
$501 - $1000 = $75.00 shipping
$1001 - $1500 = $125.00 shipping
$1501 - $2000 = $150.00 shipping
$2001 - $3000 = $200.00 shipping
$3001 - $4000 = $250.00 shipping
$4001 - $5000 = $300.00 shipping
$5001 - $6000 = $350.00 shipping
$6001 + = $400.00 shipping

Threads Soft Goods reserves the right to select carrier of choice.

Damage or Shortage

Threads Soft Goods carefully inspects and packs each order before consigning it to a carrier.
Please comply with the following procedures diligently upon delivery of your order:

•   Upon delivery, inspect the contents of the order immediately. Inspect all deliveries with the delivery driver present.

•   Notify your carrier immediately to report any damage or shortage.

•   Freight damage must be noted on the delivery receipt. Failure to notate such damage will result in your loss. Releasing the delivery driver and signing delivery receipt "Subject to inspection", may result in your loss.

•   If such a loss or damage does occur, save the carton and packing material.

•   Notify Threads Soft Goods immediately to report any damage or shortage. We will not be liable for damages reported after five business days post-delivery.

•   Photographs will be required to validate a damage claim and determine the best course of action to resolve the issue.


All returns must be authorized in advance by Threads Soft Goods. Unauthorized returns will not be accepted.

Merchandise authorized to be returned due to defect will be inspected upon receipt. If after inspection is completed and the product is found to be free of defects the customer will be charged a 25% restocking fee and
the return freight.